About the GMP

A growing union for changing times

The Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics & Allied Workers (GMP) International Union is one of the oldest labor unions in America, with its origins dating back to 1842. Several mergers have since taken place and this growing union is now known as the GMP International Union.

The GMP represents thousands of workers in the glass, molders, plastics, pottery, cast metals, fiberglass, defense, fine china, glass and plastic containers, insulation and sanitary-ware industries as well as workers in government, healthcare and a variety of other industries.

The GMP currently has well over 250 local unions throughout the United States and Canada. Members of these locals enjoy some of the best possible wages, benefits, workplace safety protections and retirement in their industries and their workplaces.

The officers and staff of the GMP come from the industries they service and are highly skilled in all aspects of labor issues.

The GMP Organizing Department constantly conducts organizing probes and campaigns throughout the US and Canada, helping workers in every segment of employment gain a voice in the workplace, with better wages and working conditions.

The GMP and its officers also work closely with the rest of the Labor Movement, forging partnerships that bring about valuable resources and experience to better serve the members of the GMP.

The GMP International Union currently belongs to the AFL-CIO, CLC and we are active in the Union Label and Service Trades Department as well as the Maritime Trades Department.