Organizing Center

Here's what you need to know to form a union at your place of work

1. Why join a union?

union steward What is a union? How does a union help a worker? How does the law protect a worker in a union? What have unions accomplished?

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2. You have a right to join a union

Under the National Labor Relations Act, you have a legal right to organize a union in your workplace.

See what the law clearly states and what your legal rights are here.


3. 35 things your employer cannot legally do

Are you considering forming a union at your place of work? Read this list of 35 things an employer cannot legally do under the National Labor Relations Act.

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4. Examples of your legal rights

Here are twenty examples of rights that you have under the law, without fear of reprisal from your employer.

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5. How to join the GMP

If you would like to join the GMP or if you'd like to learn more about what a union is and how a union can help you, contact us us by phone or email.

Our officers and staff will help you promptly and respectfully to answer any questions you have and to guide you through the process of unionizing your workplace.