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Member Resources

The GMP Resource Center contains information and documents that our local union officers and members use on a daily basis to conduct union operations.

Important - have you completed your annual report?

Without your Annual Report, our Certified Public Accountant cannot complete the Labor Department form or IRS Form 990.

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Downloads for Local Unions

These downloads are Microsoft Word documents (you'll need Word 2003 or later to read them).

Standard bylaws form

Procedure to change bylaws

Grievance form

74th Convention Minutes (37MB)

75th GMP Constitution

Grievance Fact Sheet ( .docx .pdf )

Local Union Officer Contact Information ( .docx .pdf )

List of union supplies available at GMP headquarters

Workers rights to representation (the "Weingarten Rights")

Stewards rights under the NLRA

Get the latest information on the GMP Retiree Trust