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Meet David Doyle

David entered the trade on August, 8 1988 at Hobart Brothers of Canada in Woodstock, Ontario at the age of 22, joining the GMP multi shop Union Local 446. He became active after attending his first Local Union at the request of then Plant Chairperson Harry Bosch. He credits Brother Bosch for the strength of the Union by quickly involving new members in the Local Union.

After Local Union member Mel Rice and then Local Union President Ron Hughes asked David to cover the strike line during a ratification vote at Timberland, another plant in the local, David just knew he had to stay involved.

David began as a shop steward, moving on to become a member of the plant contract negotiations committee, trustee of the Local Union and then Plant Chairperson of Hobart Brothers Unit. Local Union 446 has always been a strong believer in the education of their members and David with the assistance of the Local has attended a number of labour educational courses within the GMP and the Canadian Labour Congress.

In January of 1996, he was hired as an International Staff representative by then President Frank Carter. In October of 1999 was named Director of Canada. In the spring of 2000 President Rankin appointed David as Vice President of the International Union.

David was elected as International Vice President by the membership at convention in August 2000. David has been re-elected at the 2004 and was most recently for his third term at the 2008 convention this past August.

David and his wife Sherri have been married for 20 years and have two children, Kyle and Kristen.