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Fiscal Year Ending 2016 AND A Look Ahead To The USW Convention

The Board of Audits, consisting of GMP members from local unions in the United States and Canada, has completed its audit of the books of the GMP International Union for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2016. The report of the Audit Committee is set forth in this edition of HORIZONS. I would personally like to thank the Audit Committee members, Chairman Steve Schmillen, Local 140, Johnnie Bartley, Local 40, Alda Barnes, Local 108 and Julie Lee, Local 81 for their hard work, diligence and dedication in performing their auditing task this year. I encourage every GMP member to review the report.

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Hall-Woolford TankHall-Woolford Tank Company was established in 1854. Considered leaders in their industry, their goal is to continue manufacturing, servicing, installing and inspecting wooden tanks the way it has always been meant; with care, quality and craftsmanship. Multigenerations of tank builders are employed and members of the GMP International Union and originally members of the Coopers Union.

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