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“YOU are a very important part of our efforts for 2016–your voice and opinion matter.”


The 2016 presidential, congressional and state election cycle is fast approaching. This election cycle will likely be the costliest and nastiest in history. The stakes for this election are high, particularly for working families. A handful of billionaires, with their well-funded Political Action Committees, intend to buy this election and impose their will on Congress and State legislatures. Their goal – to eliminate the voice for working families and advance an agenda that serves only the wealthiest of Americans. Therefore, it’s essential that we engage our members NOW in order to get ready for next year’s elections.

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ITT corporationITT corporation BeGan in 1920 as International Telephone & Telegraph, a Puerto Rico-based phone company. However, in 1959 ITT named a new CEO, Harold S. Geneen and embarked on a new course as a multi-industry company. In 1961 the Engineered Valves business was purchased by ITT.

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How It's Made Glass Bottles

Posted by Mechanics Tips on Wednesday, January 7, 2015


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